Having been invested in drawing since my childhood, I often bring illustration, narrative, and storytelling into my work. Flat vector illustration is my preferred style. The following is a thread of work created in Adobe Illustrator for school projects or personal practice.

Set 1 — Student Wellness Posters

Procrastination and sleep deprivation are among the worst habits of modern-day students in the United States, with severe long-term consequences. These habits are becoming more severe with each new generation. The overall physical and mental health of our students are also on the decline, with issues of smoking and social isolation prevalent in our communities. Because of this I've created a series of posters intended to exist in school hallways, classrooms, and around university campuses.

These posters were selected to showcase in the Graphic Design building at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Poster 1 of 4: Sleep Deprivation

Poster 2 of 4: Procrastination

Poster 3 of 4: Loneliness

Poster 4 of 4: Smoking

Set 2 — Cocotropolis Chocolate Packaging

Coco-tropolis, a portmanteau of “chocolate” and “metropolis,” is a fictional bean-to-bear chocolate maker, advocating organic and fair trade practices that supports bringing farming to the city. Each artisan chocolate bar is made with care, from the finest ingredients. More than just making darn good chocolate, their commitment is to make a difference in the world, one bar at a time. All proceeds are donated to Farming the City.

This project was created in an Illustration course titled "Design for Social Good" at RISD, taught by professor Annalisa Oswald. The prompt was to brand an identity for a high-end chocolate company that supports a social cause or movement. We were given roughly one week to complete the branding identity, illustrations, and packaging of the product. We were to deliver two variations of chocolate packaging.

I chose to contribute my project to the cause Farming the City, a project that began in November of 2010 as an initiative of the Amsterdam-based organization CITIES, bringing city dwellers and urban farmers together to explore inspirational ways of producing, storing, cooking, preserving, distributing, and sharing food. Urban farming gives residents better access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food. It also cuts down on transportation costs and carbon emissions. Since then, it has fostered urban farming projects all over the world.

Overview of chocolate wrappers (mockup)

Strawberry Square and Blueberry Beach flavors (mockup)

Strawberry Square and Avocado Avenue flavors (mockup)

Avocado Avenue flavor wrapping, front and back (mockup)

Strawberry Square flavor wrapping, front and back (mockup)

Blueberry Beach flavor wrapping, front and back (mockup)

All three flavors printed on a bag packaging (mockup)


Set 3 — Inception Simplified, Posters

I produced a series of dreamscape posters for movie Inception (2010) directed by Christopher Nolan. The posters follow attempt to simplify the story of a thief who enters people's dreams in order to extract secrets from their subconscious. The plot is complicated by both the number of characters and by each new layer of dreams that the main protagonist and his team enters into. I've documented each layer of the dream world into a poster illustration.

Poster Triad Overview

Dream layer #1: the van chase scene

Dream layer #2: the hotel

Dream layer #3: the snow fortress