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Vector Space Mood Pieces

I made these for CreativRush, focusing on moody interiors and environments made in Adobe Illustrator as flat—sometimes isometric—illustrations.

Student wellness posters

These posters were selected to showcase in the Graphic Design building at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Sleep Deprivation


Cocotropolis Chocolate Packaging

Cocotropolis, a portmanteau of “chocolate” and “metropolis,” is a fictional bean-to-bear chocolate maker, advocating organic and fair trade practices that supports bringing farming to the city.

Inception Posters

I made a series of dreamscape posters for movie Inception (2010) attempting to depict the layers of the story visually.

Dream layer #1: The van chase

Dream layer #2: The hotel

Dream layer #3: The snow fortress

Digital paintings 🎨

Series of environment and character pieces made for CreativRush.

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