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Couple in a Cafe


Student wellness posters

These posters were selected to showcase in the Graphic Design building at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Poster 1 of 4: Sleep Deprivation

Poster 2 of 4: Procrastination

Poster 3 of 4: Loneliness

Poster 4 of 4: Smoking

Cocotropolis Chocolate Packaging

Cocotropolis, a portmanteau of “chocolate” and “metropolis,” is a fictional bean-to-bear chocolate maker, advocating organic and fair trade practices that supports bringing farming to the city.

Inception Posters

I made a series of dreamscape posters for movie Inception (2010) attempting to depict the layers of the story visually.

Dream layer #1: The van chase

Dream layer #2: The hotel

Dream layer #3: The snow fortress

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