I'm Bre—product designer & illustrator!

At Uber leading UX on driver Rewards, Onboarding, and Growth. Illustrator at CreativRush, a platform for artists newly founded in the throes of pandemic boredom. RISD graphic design alumni.

Aug 2019–Aug 2020

Leading Uber Pro,
A Retrospective

Follow my year-long design journey on the Uber's driver rewards program based off four customer-obsessed design principles.

Jun–Aug 2018

Uber Mobilities, Scooters 1.0

Uber is moving forward with a new multimodal infrastructure that provides cheaper, faster, and more flexible transport to users. I was brought onto the New Mobilities team to work on their scooter-sharing experience.

Dec 2018

Virtuart: AR Social App

Digital art meets the physical space through augmented reality. Draw on the world around us and leave a digital footprint for others to discover.


Illustrated by Bre

Vector-based illustrations, mood pieces, digital environment and character paintings. Made in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


Motion playground


My story

When I was a kid, cartoons served as the catalyst for my interest in drawing. The characters I saw on screen became the fodder I used to draw away long, hot summer days when school was out and there was with nothing else to do. My 12-set of colored pencils and spiral notebook became my best friends. At the Rhode Island School of Design, my love of art expanded into design.

I believe the answer lies in compassion, in doing the next right thing, in not becoming jaded to life's struggles—as hard as that may be, and living with as few regrets as possible. Life is too short to not do the things you love.

My journey

feb 2019–
Uber Technologies
Product design lead
JAN 2021 –
CreativRush, Inc.
Founder & Illustrator
Jun–Aug 2018
Woobo, Inc.
Product designer
Rhode Island School of Design
BFA Graphic Design
Specialized in Illustration and HCI
May 2017–Sep 2018
Glenview School of Arts
Teaching assistant

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