June to December 2017

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UI/UX, Illustration, Iconography, Branding, Animation


Woobo Inc is a Cambridge-based robotics startup that makes smart toys. I was brought on in the summer of 2017 as a design intern to develop their product's user interface, make graphics and animations for their educational content, and assist with branding and marketing campaigns.

Meet Woobo

Woobo is an interactive, educational robot companion who answers questions and inspires kids to learn new things everyday.

Like a launchpad for learning, Woobo can provide and propose a variety of interactions for kids that encourage curiosity and exploration Woobo has more than 60 different activities, all of which were crafted and selected carefully for best development values in children.

For parents, Woobo is an intelligent assistant with customized content that can help entertain, educate, and engage children, as well as further strengthen the parent-child bond.

Our target age group is age 4–9. We formed our user personas Cassie and Thomas based on interviews we had with hundreds of parents and children.


Woobo was everything I hoped for in a startup experience and then some. Every day at the office was an intimate collaboration between world class engineers, designers, educators, and marketers from MIT, CMU, Harvard, Tufts, and RISD. Suffice it to say, I was working with a group of very talented people from many different backgrounds.

The design team made over 100 prototypes (with hundreds of user testings) in the past two years before arriving at Woobo's current design.

Among our work culture values were creative problem solving, open communication and a flat hierarchy. Most importantly, though, was the flat hierarchy. Everyone’s input—interns included—was greatly encouraged. As an intern, I was even asked to lead a couple meetings. I sat right beside and conversed freely with developers, content managers, and other designers. The office space was imbued with an air of great enthusiasm and inventiveness.

The design and animation team made over 30 prototypes (with hundreds of user testings) in the past two years before arriving at Woobo's current face design.

The workspace of our incredible hardware engineers who were installing the touchscreens into several toy prototypes.

We ain't all work and no play, though!

Every other Friday, our entire team of 14 and I went out for lunch and had a good time bonding all around Boston.  🍖 🍲

Or we'd have an intense match of darts.

Many thanks to Shen Guo for being a wonderful product design manager, for giving me such cool projects to work on this summer, and to Woobo for being an absolutely incredible first internship experience!

I will be continuing to work with Woobo as a UI/UX contractor. I'm currently working on designing their open-source content management web platform.

Click here to see what I'm currently working on with Woobo!

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