Uber Scooters Platform

Uber is moving forward with a new multimodal infrastructure that provides cheaper, faster, and more flexible transport to users.

I was brought onto the New Mobilities team to work on their scooter-sharing experience, to expand quickly as scooters arrive to cities nationwide.



MotionUX: Animated UI Resources

An open-source archive of motion resources for interactions & motion designers.



Virtuart: AR Social App

An app for drawing on the world around us and leaving a digital footprint for others to discover. Digital art meets the physical space through augmented reality.



Woobo: Smart Companion for Curious Kids

User interface design and branding work created for Cambridge-based robotics startup Woobo.



Illustration Collection

Miscellaneous illustration and design work produced for courses at RISD or personal practice in 3D isometric style and 2D flat style.


About Me

Hey there! I'm Bre, like "brie" cheese. I’m a digital designer and illustrator from the Chicago area. I am studying at RISD and have previously worked with Uber on their scooters platform and Woobo on an educational artificial intelligence robot for kids.

My hobbies include illustrating portraits, reading quake books, watching documentaries (any and all kinds), attempting to hack life by learning positive psychology and cognitive neuroscience, jamming out to decade music, and engaging in existential, big talk with strangers.

I often wonder: How can one foster freethinking, individuality, and a growth mindset through design? Can design even do this? How can people be made to question the dogmas of everyday life and what it means to live a full life in a world so immersed in the hustle and bustle of the rat race?

Thanks for dropping by and learning a little bit about what I can do. I'm always down for a coffee; feel free to shoot me a line! For more about me, check out my resume.

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